Sunday, November 21, 2010

A month and a half catch up!

Holy doodle! ( this is what my Nana says and it gets me laughing every time. )

It's been over a month!
So let's jam this is quickly shall we?
I got a job at our midwife center!! How exciting! Tomorrow is my first day there alone. I open, close, answer all questions! I'm excited and a little terrified!

We're going to be moving. My mom is moving to Guelph and right now my Nana lives with her. So my Nana is left with no place to go. Which I think tells a lot about my mother, that's a whole different story. My Nana wanted to move in with us and we don't have the space ( we don't have enough for us ) so what shall we do? Move. No doubt about it. My Nana is the greatest woman you'd ever meet and I'd do all I can for her.

We have a puppy! An Olde English Bulldogge. He's quite the rascal. We love him to bits and probably more if he'd stop all the biting! He was actually born the day of our wedding! Quite the coincidence. His name is Leopold Montgomery.

Halloween was great. Mike, the boys, Leopold and I all dressed up and went trick or treating with Geoff ( Collin's dad ). Just like every year. Vaughn was pretty into it this year.

The kids are still as nuts as ever and seem to be more defiant by the day but we'll survive.

Now I am off to bathe Vaughn and then help Collin with his homework!
Family Halloween!
He walked a little too much.
He passed out before I could
get the costume off.
The giraffe and the shark!

Day we brought him home.
3 days after we got him
Nov 2nd
Nov 18

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


a few months back

bath time fun
last week
his first summer
just a few weeks old. Still had big blue eyes.
Vaughn's birth
Collin meeting his new "enemy" lol
Still a belly boy

Today my littlest man turns 3!
And for once..I can't wait ahah. The 2's have indeed been " terrible " hopefully 3 will bring more happiness!
3 years ago I phoned his dad and said " I think you better get here...I think I'm going into labour"
and about 45-50 mins later we were holding little Giovanni ( nameless then).
We couldn't decide between Jack and Giovanni so we waited until we saw him. He was big, dark and had A LOT of hair. Giovanni it was. He came into this world with such force and wasn't slowing down for anyone and he's been the same way ever since.

Happy birthday to my very spirited, beautiful, crazy little man! We love you.

Friday, October 1, 2010


The sunset was something to die for the other night.
I sat out back snapping away
watching it change
for 30 mins.


Today I actually had to carry Vaughn out of a store while he screamed and kicked me...that was fun.
I went looking for a new dress for a wedding I am going to tomorrow. I was hoping to find something nice but not pricey and have it for occasions like this. They were not allowing that to happen. They were " being kids" I know...but they were being so defiant. It's hard some times. They were RUNNING through the store and no matter how many times I told them politely to play beside me...So when they screaming was time to leave. Even with my friend in tow no one was listening. I was definitely grateful to have her help but...needless to say...I'll be wearing something old tomorrow. And I just now realized I forgot to get nylons...poo!

I got the oats I've been needed to make some apple crisps. Collin's grandma went apple picking and brought us a bag. She is literally one of the greatest people I have in my life. I love Geoff's family. They all treat me so so well I don't feel like the " ex-gf " of their son. They treat me like I am very much still a part of their family. They treat Vaughn like a grandson and he calls them " grandma and grandpa " . They're even really nice to Mike.
So possibly tonight depending on whether I fall asleep early or not...I will be making apple crisp if not ...maybe sunday sounds like a good time.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Collin and I splashed in puddles, went the the Speakeasy where they make the most wonderful breakfast all day, then we fed the ducks and took a little walk.
I wasn't ready to come home but I needed to be back before Vaughn's nap was done so he didn't have to wake his daddy who works midnights on Sunday.
I love my Collin days.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The house of ill

Today I had to keep Collin home from his second day of school.
Everyone here has a cold and the tot.lers have fevers.
So the boys spent the day snuggling on the floor infront of the t.v
or in my bed while I read.
When Vaughn was feeling a little better I had him help me with a casserole dinner.
Collin soaked in the tub and Vaughn and I baked.
Chocolate chip banana bread.
I've never made it before. It's done but still too hot.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today was Collin's first day of S.K and he was pumped.
He couldn't wait to get back there.
It was nice to have some quiet time while Vaughn napped today too.
I actually had a bath and read in silence!
I can't believe Collin is 5 and he looks five.
This time next year I will be sending him to school full time
Vaughn will be going too! Eep!


Collin James Dalton (this photo by Des )
Gretchen Fawn
Ezra Blake
Ava Carys
Giovanni Michael
Birthday Cake
the big two oh.
We celebrated my nephew Ezra's second birthday this weekend. It was a great time as always. Our family and friends have the most adorable children on earth, I kid you not.
They change so much at this age. Looking at the photos from his last birthday I can't believe how much each one of those kids have grown.

Friday, September 3, 2010


A few shots I took on our porch the other day.
Giovanni's eyes captivate me.

I really think he's one of the most beautiful kids I have ever seen. And I don't just say that because he's mine.
I cut his hair off the next day because he's begun pulling it out again. Oh how I wish he wouldn't do that. I miss it already.


Not too much going on here lately.
The kids were in a grump today and I had gone out last night. There was this event downtown where you get to wear your wedding dress ( or bridesmaids ) and have a night out with other ladies and possibly win the grand-prize keep your fingers crossed for me. I definitely drank more than I should have though, not something I am proud of. I'm not young anymore lol. I ended up feeling horrible for a better part of the day.

I did however get the boys room tidied, mostly because of Collin's exceptional helper skills.
When Dada got up I got Collin ready and we ventured out on the bus to Chapters. We picked up a book to go with my nephew's birthday present. Collin is on this insane Toy Story 3 kick so he got a Toy Story 3 book, Vaughn got
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs,
and I got Eat, Pray, Love.
I have about 3 books lined up before I can even get to that one and I'm only a quarter of the way through Host but I know I want to read the book before I ever see the movie. Books are always better. With the exception on Time Travelers Wife the movie for once was pretty on par with the book. I was really pleased with the movie.

The littleuns are off to bed and I am off for some reading! Hopefully in silence ;)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

it's getting hot in here...

It's a muggy one!
This weather is taking a toll on me! My allergies are making it even less fun.
I need the fan on because it's 30 but feels like 38. I'm sticky and grumpy. With the fan on it irritates my allergies beyond belief. I am living a lose lose situation.
We're thinking about spending the night at my in-laws, they have central air and it's much more comfortable there.
I want Vaughn to wake from his nap I have so many things I want to do with him!
I want to bake cookies today, I could do it while he naps but he loves helping and I think it teaches him about teamwork and listening.
I also want to make homemade pizzas and he loves making those too.
We're going to make some orange juice and then make them into popsicles! I'll probably do these first and they can freeze while we're using the oven and making this place even hotter ha!
Collin is in Toronto with his grandparents until tomorrow.
I can't believe he goes back to school so soon! He loves it there though so I am excited for him.
This time next year I will be getting them BOTH ready for school. My word!

here we go again

I caught THREE more mice just last night. The last one at 4:30 in the morning...I can't listen to the tinkering in the trap so I had to get up, get dressed and head out to release it.
I'm pleased that I am down for mice and also horrified and totally grossed out that there was that many... and now I am left to wonder " How many more?! "

Sunday, August 29, 2010


We have had a ( hopefully ) mouse in our home for a couple months now. And I found mouse poop under the stove with my pans the other day and that was the last straw.
We tried those " sonar " things where the noise " drives them away " ha, save your money.
So yesterday I set out with the boys to get some traps. Collin made it very clear to myself and the woman at the store we are NOT to kill the mouse. It has to be set free. Sheesh kiddo...fine. Live traps it is.
And yesterday it ATE the bait, pooped in the trap and GOT OUT. Twice. ... Live traps Collin says....

So tonight as I am about to go watch a movie I hear some rustling under the stove so I sneaky in there like some private eye and try to catch it with no luck.
I decide I should check the one in my room. ( of course there is a trap beside the bed, you want a mouse near your bed? )
And there he is. All tiny ( about the size of a Hopper, what our snake eats ) all cute and nibbling his peanut butter cracker.
He was BESIDE MY BED. Ugh gives me the creeps thinking about it. So I dart across the street to the dentist office and set him free in the grass, toss him another cracker and ran back home.

Oh PLEASE let this be the only mouse. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. I can't take the creepy noise waking me up, or seeing it eye to eye.
I was so excited I came to the computer to blog about it and make a little cartoon to put as our desktop so my husband can see it as soon as he gets home. Ha!