Sunday, November 21, 2010

A month and a half catch up!

Holy doodle! ( this is what my Nana says and it gets me laughing every time. )

It's been over a month!
So let's jam this is quickly shall we?
I got a job at our midwife center!! How exciting! Tomorrow is my first day there alone. I open, close, answer all questions! I'm excited and a little terrified!

We're going to be moving. My mom is moving to Guelph and right now my Nana lives with her. So my Nana is left with no place to go. Which I think tells a lot about my mother, that's a whole different story. My Nana wanted to move in with us and we don't have the space ( we don't have enough for us ) so what shall we do? Move. No doubt about it. My Nana is the greatest woman you'd ever meet and I'd do all I can for her.

We have a puppy! An Olde English Bulldogge. He's quite the rascal. We love him to bits and probably more if he'd stop all the biting! He was actually born the day of our wedding! Quite the coincidence. His name is Leopold Montgomery.

Halloween was great. Mike, the boys, Leopold and I all dressed up and went trick or treating with Geoff ( Collin's dad ). Just like every year. Vaughn was pretty into it this year.

The kids are still as nuts as ever and seem to be more defiant by the day but we'll survive.

Now I am off to bathe Vaughn and then help Collin with his homework!
Family Halloween!
He walked a little too much.
He passed out before I could
get the costume off.
The giraffe and the shark!

Day we brought him home.
3 days after we got him
Nov 2nd
Nov 18