Thursday, April 29, 2010


I am done my centerpieces, all 17 of them! I am done the men's boutenneires, I am done the ladies bouquets and I couldn't be happier with them!

It was fun to have the boys help. They're fun and colourful and the boys really enjoyed helping with them which meant I could double task and not stay up all night doing it! Collin was a huge help.

I am so grateful to have my maid of honour and my one bridesmaid they have helped SO much. I don't know that I could have done all of this by now without them.

The ladies dresses are in so I am going to look at them tomorrow! I hope they're the right ones! There was a mix up before they ordered them and they had written down the wrong dresses! Luckily I noticed and had them correct it so let's just hope they ordered the right ones!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Vaughn has impetigo. Ugh. One person with something super contagious. I haven't the slightest idea how he could have gotten it. Thankfully though it's just a mild case. Some red bumps on the face. They sorta look like chicken pox but it's not.
We got something from the doctor to take care of it and hopefully it will be gone and the rest of us won't catch it either.
It isn't seeming to bother him thankfully. He just calls it " my bumps I see a doctor! " lol

Have any of you or your kids had this? Did you find anything helpful?
I wish my camera wasn't broken. I wish we could afford a new one right now.
It makes me sad not being able to document the boys.

I am ALMOST done my centerpieces. I have one left. They turned out better than I could have hoped. I got a few of the men's boutonneirs finished last night. They too look perfect. Everything is coming together.

Mike and I made another list of what needs to be finished and we're really getting a lot done. He's helping a lot more now that there is little time lol. It's really nice to have him involved in everything and get his opinion. I'm not one of those brides that thinks
" It's my day! This is MY wedding!"
It's ours and I want him to enjoy it and love everything as much as I do. He's not so crafty and creative but he's smart and I value his opinion.

We're meeting with our officiant soon! That's exciting, it was something we should have figured out months ago. We were hoping to find someone in Oshawa but that turned out to be too time consuming so we're going to have someone from our town drive out there. It's just easier for meetings with him. He performed my friends wedding last summer and she said he was fantastic, so someone who came with a reference was good enough!

All in all I'm trying not to be a super stressed bride and just let myself enjoy all of this and enjoy it on the wedding day. If I stress too much I'll just be worrying about everything being perfect on that day. Things will go wrong. There are too many things going on for there not to be something that goes awry.
Mostly I am worrying about the cake because it's the only thing not within my control. It's just a cake though . So...who cares. Right?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

95 days

AHHHHHHHHH my fingers hurt!
I have made 11 of my centerpieces! I have about 6 more to do. Which is going to be a lot more money than I had ever anticipated. But they look beautiful and I like the feeling of doing them myself! I can't wait for everyone to see them. Mike and I BOTH love them. I would think normally guys don't care for centerpieces but since ours have nothing to do with flowers he's a little more into it.
We both have the worst allergies known to man so there will be NO flowers at this wedding! I'm sure people will be surprised. Being crafty pays off sometimes ;)
( although my fingers and wallet are paying for it )

Tomorrow after Collin gets off to school I need to buy some more things to finish of the centerpieces. And hopefully after that I can be done with them so my hands aren't mangled for my wedding lol.

I also need to REDO invites. The ones I finished way back in like october...The time needs to be changed on all of them. Meaning every one needs to be REPRINTED.
Originally we had intended on having everyone at our dinner but with time we realized that isn't financially possible. So we need to redo them and invited some people ( not immediate family and wedding party ) to the reception later in the evening. I'm hoping this somehow will work out.

We still need an MC. I think Mike is pretty keen on the idea of asking his father to do it. But he seemed pretty nervous at his daughters wedding for his speech. Although he did somewhat volunteer/sort of ask to do it a few months ago. So we'll see. It's not really something I had thought of but he's a big man, people will listen to him lol.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

98 days

I have all my bouquets finished even my toss bouquet!
They all look so lovely!

It's so nice to have so many hand made details for my wedding. I really think it makes it feel more special.

98 days. I wish it would hurry up!...but not before we have the funds to finish paying for it lol.

I just want to wear my gorgeous red dress, dance around and be a wife!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We've made a revised plan/list of to do's for the wedding. Let's get this thing moving!

Only 102 days left....the heat is on.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

wedding hells

I have wedding plans and stresses come out the wazoo!
Why does the price of everything seem to increase when it's for a wedding?

Could you imagine a dinner for you and your mate costing $80 at a restaurant. I would never pay that. Yet somehow we should pay that for each couple at our dinner.

A dress costing hundreds or thousands....the boys are paying almost $200 to RENT a suit. RENT IT. Insanity.

A question amongst my complaints. Who babysits our kids over night when everyone they know and we trust will be at out wedding?
I'm not too trusting of the whole teenager thing either.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I have a friend whose name is Josh. He's 25 and this past october was diagnosed with a stage 4 inoperable cancerous brain tumor. I always thought " inoperable " meant they do not operate on it at all. Apparently that's not the case since he's had multiple surgeries now. It just means that surgery can only give him more time. These surgeries can not get rid of the cancer. By the time he found out he had it it was as bad as it gets.
He had his first surgery back in November, I went to visit him a few days after and he was having trouble working his hands but he could walk, talk, he was upbeat and telling me this cancer would not get the best of him. Soon after that he started his chemo and radiation.

Josh is a dad. At that time he had 2 son's and his girlfriend was pregnant with his 3rd, a little girl, just like he wanted.
When they found out how bad things really were they decided to get married. They were given the news that Josh wouldn't make it until Christmas so they planned a quick little family wedding December 16th. I was honoured to be there. It was definitely the saddest wedding I have ever attended.
I got Alyssa, his wife, into her dress, helped her with her make up and pep talk until the final minutes. She was only 10 days away from her due date at this point.
About a week, maybe less later Josh started to lose his eyesight and was told he needed immediate surgery. Which he refused. He was too afraid of the outcome.
I went to visit him and talked to him about the surgery and all the different outcomes and I told him his family wanted him to have it but I would support whatever choice he made. The next day Josh went in for immediate surgery. He wouldn't have made it without the surgery. The tumor was pressing on too much.
After this surgery Josh lost most of his vision, he could only see directly infront of him, he was paralyzed on his left side ( which was happening slowly ) he needed to be put in diapers etc.
He'd lost so much weight and it was hard to visit at times. Things didn't look like they were heading in a good direction.

Leighland was born January 3rd. Josh was there and held his wife's hand and got to see his baby girl. He was so happy. This is what he held on for. The very next day Josh had gone completely blind.
His doctors say he'll never get his vision back, they are however working on his mobility and think he may get some movement back.
He's in far better spirits than I would ever expect.

I think because he's young and a father it really gives you the strength you need to carry on. He cracks jokes and smiles and is so happy when I come to see him. He's the same as he ever was personality wise. It's hard because I know you can't beat this type of cancer but how do you not hold out some hope?

I took his daughter for the weekend to give his wife a break. She never complains or sheds a tear infront of anyone. She is so strong, stronger than I would be. It's her birthday and I think she deserves some time out to be young and worry free if only for a moment.

Josh and Alyssa's wedding

Leighland 3 days old

Leighland 3 months
The boys and Leighland

Leighland and mama
Leighland and Dada

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Zoo day!

I am too stressed. I am tired all the time but going to bed around 2. Which doesn't really work with a little one who wakes up at 5. There is no way for me to be conscious at 5 am.

Today though I borrowed a car since it's all icky outside. Vaughn and I dropped Collin at school then went and got some thing for dinner and TOOTHPASTE since we've been using the nastybackup toothpaste for a couple days. I hate how my brain melts and I can forget something like toothpaste every time I walk into Shoppers.

I didn't want to head home even though it was foggy and wet so I called up my Nana ( Sweetheart as Vaughn calls her, so cute! ) and asked her to join us for a zoo trip. We had just enough time to see everything when it started to pour down rain. Vaughn petted a camel then giggled for a pretty long time. He played tag with an otter and talked to the monkeys for half the trip haha. He kept saying " come on mama. Keep going! I see more! Come on! "

Now we're off to pick up Collin!
a mama ostrich and one of her babes
squirrel monkey
Vaughn playing with the otter ( they'll literally follow the kids back and forth they seem to love it too )
standing over the river

Saturday, April 3, 2010

think positive!

Oh destructovaughnie.

these past 2 weeks he broke his brother's violin bow, our camera, he's coloured on EVERYTHING....oh dear.

I made these little behavior charts with a spot to add a sticker onto each day,one for each of the boys. When they behave well for the day they can choose a sticker and add it. That way they can also keep track of the choices they're making.

I think the positive aspect of getting a sticker on your calendar each day will help them feel better about making good choices.

wish me luck!