Tuesday, October 12, 2010


a few months back

bath time fun
last week
his first summer
just a few weeks old. Still had big blue eyes.
Vaughn's birth
Collin meeting his new "enemy" lol
Still a belly boy

Today my littlest man turns 3!
And for once..I can't wait ahah. The 2's have indeed been " terrible " hopefully 3 will bring more happiness!
3 years ago I phoned his dad and said " I think you better get here...I think I'm going into labour"
and about 45-50 mins later we were holding little Giovanni ( nameless then).
We couldn't decide between Jack and Giovanni so we waited until we saw him. He was big, dark and had A LOT of hair. Giovanni it was. He came into this world with such force and wasn't slowing down for anyone and he's been the same way ever since.

Happy birthday to my very spirited, beautiful, crazy little man! We love you.

Friday, October 1, 2010


The sunset was something to die for the other night.
I sat out back snapping away
watching it change
for 30 mins.


Today I actually had to carry Vaughn out of a store while he screamed and kicked me...that was fun.
I went looking for a new dress for a wedding I am going to tomorrow. I was hoping to find something nice but not pricey and have it for occasions like this. They were not allowing that to happen. They were " being kids" I know...but they were being so defiant. It's hard some times. They were RUNNING through the store and no matter how many times I told them politely to play beside me...So when they screaming began...it was time to leave. Even with my friend in tow no one was listening. I was definitely grateful to have her help but...needless to say...I'll be wearing something old tomorrow. And I just now realized I forgot to get nylons...poo!

I got the oats I've been needed to make some apple crisps. Collin's grandma went apple picking and brought us a bag. She is literally one of the greatest people I have in my life. I love Geoff's family. They all treat me so so well I don't feel like the " ex-gf " of their son. They treat me like I am very much still a part of their family. They treat Vaughn like a grandson and he calls them " grandma and grandpa " . They're even really nice to Mike.
So possibly tonight depending on whether I fall asleep early or not...I will be making apple crisp if not ...maybe sunday sounds like a good time.