Sunday, August 29, 2010


We have had a ( hopefully ) mouse in our home for a couple months now. And I found mouse poop under the stove with my pans the other day and that was the last straw.
We tried those " sonar " things where the noise " drives them away " ha, save your money.
So yesterday I set out with the boys to get some traps. Collin made it very clear to myself and the woman at the store we are NOT to kill the mouse. It has to be set free. Sheesh kiddo...fine. Live traps it is.
And yesterday it ATE the bait, pooped in the trap and GOT OUT. Twice. ... Live traps Collin says....

So tonight as I am about to go watch a movie I hear some rustling under the stove so I sneaky in there like some private eye and try to catch it with no luck.
I decide I should check the one in my room. ( of course there is a trap beside the bed, you want a mouse near your bed? )
And there he is. All tiny ( about the size of a Hopper, what our snake eats ) all cute and nibbling his peanut butter cracker.
He was BESIDE MY BED. Ugh gives me the creeps thinking about it. So I dart across the street to the dentist office and set him free in the grass, toss him another cracker and ran back home.

Oh PLEASE let this be the only mouse. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. I can't take the creepy noise waking me up, or seeing it eye to eye.
I was so excited I came to the computer to blog about it and make a little cartoon to put as our desktop so my husband can see it as soon as he gets home. Ha!

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