Tuesday, June 8, 2010

dreading summer?

I have a confession....for once I am sort of dreading summer....
All the boys do together is FIGHT.
Library, the park, the zoo, at home....they YELL, they fight, they run, they do.not.listen anymore.

It is wearing on us. It's getting hard to leave the house, it's hard to be IN the house but it's worse in public where people can see it.

I think it is SO hard to admit that your parenting isn't perfect. I am at a loss.
How can I make them be better? To listen, to stop hating each other.

Collin's dad has announced he has a new baby coming and Collin is devastated. He is horrified it will be like Vaughn, I find that so sad. This is how terrible their relationship together is. It's not funny boys being boys anymore. It's stressing us out! The last thing Collin wants is another sibling. He's not happy.

How can I make them play TOGETHER. Everytime one of them grabs a toy it is the toy the other one was going for. If one of them is in the other's way, all hell breaks loose. I can not bathe them together anymore they even fight over who gets the side nearest to the faucet ( who even wants THAT side anyway!? )

Do you have tips for summer? For when all your kids are home together? Any parents of multiples out there?

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