Friday, October 1, 2010


Today I actually had to carry Vaughn out of a store while he screamed and kicked me...that was fun.
I went looking for a new dress for a wedding I am going to tomorrow. I was hoping to find something nice but not pricey and have it for occasions like this. They were not allowing that to happen. They were " being kids" I know...but they were being so defiant. It's hard some times. They were RUNNING through the store and no matter how many times I told them politely to play beside me...So when they screaming was time to leave. Even with my friend in tow no one was listening. I was definitely grateful to have her help but...needless to say...I'll be wearing something old tomorrow. And I just now realized I forgot to get nylons...poo!

I got the oats I've been needed to make some apple crisps. Collin's grandma went apple picking and brought us a bag. She is literally one of the greatest people I have in my life. I love Geoff's family. They all treat me so so well I don't feel like the " ex-gf " of their son. They treat me like I am very much still a part of their family. They treat Vaughn like a grandson and he calls them " grandma and grandpa " . They're even really nice to Mike.
So possibly tonight depending on whether I fall asleep early or not...I will be making apple crisp if not ...maybe sunday sounds like a good time.

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