Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Goodbye beautiful

My beautiful little chameleon just died in my hands.
She was sleeping during the day yesterday which is a sign of a sick chameleon.
I tried to feed her today and give her some water. She wouldn't take either so I used a medicine dropped to give her some water and then I just held her.
About 10 mins later her body squirmed a bit and then she was limp. I kept holding her and let the tears flow while the boys asked some questions.
Then her tail uncurled and her eyes shot open and rolled to the back of her head. The poor boys thought this meant she was " ok " because her eyes were "open". They both held her for a minute and said goodbye.
Collin is very good with understanding death, Vaughn was giggling that he got to hold her, he wasn't aware of what just happened.

I only had her for about 14 months but she was part of the family and she was a pet I was REALLY looking forward to seeing be an adult and be filled with beautiful colours.

I used to manage reptiles for a job so I know I had done everything properly. Especially after having her this long.

Her name was Castor, we got her from a reptile expo where we were told she was a male. And after a few months it was pretty evident that she was in fact a she. Male Nosy Be Panther Chameleons turn a gorgeous bright blue. She never achieved that. But we kept calling her Castor, I'm sure she didn't mind.

I'm glad she's not in pain and she will be very missed.The day we got her ^

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