Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy wednesday!

Already we've had a lovely morning.
We got Collin off to the bus in time, we headed to the pharmacy from there.
Vaughn has what my doctor called " impetigo" ...I on the other hand think he's an idiot. I had him take a swab and actually find out what it is. He was there 3 weeks ago with this rash on his face and so the antibiotics started....about a week after the had finished and the rash was gone BAM it was back. He woke up yesterday with his face just covered. So I called and had him taken in immediately. So now he is on a stronger penicillin . Fingers crossed this one will do it.
He said if it comes back the whole family needs to come and have a test because one of us might be carrying it but showing no symptoms and just giving it back to him.
Hopefully that is not the case.

After the medicine we went to our wednesday Farmers Market. Oh how we love it there! Vaughn is a giant fan of the perogies! ( as am I but I barely get any with his little hands in the bag lol )
We got some cookies and fudge too. I love how cheap things can be there!
I got some natural arthritis medicine for Searra. The medicam she was on is just way out of our price range and she's having such a hard time walking. I feel awful but we can't afford $100 a bottle every month.
So fingers crossed again that this will work too. It's a fraction of the cost. He even gave me an extra bag because he was that confident I would love it and come back for more. Things like that definitely make me interested.
Now we're gonna snuggle up for a movie and munch on our cookies! ( After we medicate everyone lol )

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