Monday, May 17, 2010

little update

My poor little Collin has been sick all weekend. From throwing up on friday to a hellish fever yesterday that made us leave the indoor play park. Poor little man. He's home from school today.

Vaughn is jumping on my lap as full of energy as ever. He believes he is helping me write lol.

Today I have an appointment with a specialist for my eye...kinda freaking me out. I have this lump on the inside of my eyelid which MY doctor said...hmm I dunno what it is put a cloth on it.
...a cloth? there is some strange red LUMP inside my eye...send me to a specialist!
So to the specialist I go.

My eyes have been terrible lately too, I think I need to get my eyes checked again. I can barely see a thing on the computer without my glasses :(
Stupid Astigmatism.

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  1. ooh i had lumps under my eyelids, it was an allergy aggrivated by my contact lenses!