Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I wish my camera wasn't broken. I wish we could afford a new one right now.
It makes me sad not being able to document the boys.

I am ALMOST done my centerpieces. I have one left. They turned out better than I could have hoped. I got a few of the men's boutonneirs finished last night. They too look perfect. Everything is coming together.

Mike and I made another list of what needs to be finished and we're really getting a lot done. He's helping a lot more now that there is little time lol. It's really nice to have him involved in everything and get his opinion. I'm not one of those brides that thinks
" It's my day! This is MY wedding!"
It's ours and I want him to enjoy it and love everything as much as I do. He's not so crafty and creative but he's smart and I value his opinion.

We're meeting with our officiant soon! That's exciting, it was something we should have figured out months ago. We were hoping to find someone in Oshawa but that turned out to be too time consuming so we're going to have someone from our town drive out there. It's just easier for meetings with him. He performed my friends wedding last summer and she said he was fantastic, so someone who came with a reference was good enough!

All in all I'm trying not to be a super stressed bride and just let myself enjoy all of this and enjoy it on the wedding day. If I stress too much I'll just be worrying about everything being perfect on that day. Things will go wrong. There are too many things going on for there not to be something that goes awry.
Mostly I am worrying about the cake because it's the only thing not within my control. It's just a cake though . So...who cares. Right?

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