Thursday, April 15, 2010

wedding hells

I have wedding plans and stresses come out the wazoo!
Why does the price of everything seem to increase when it's for a wedding?

Could you imagine a dinner for you and your mate costing $80 at a restaurant. I would never pay that. Yet somehow we should pay that for each couple at our dinner.

A dress costing hundreds or thousands....the boys are paying almost $200 to RENT a suit. RENT IT. Insanity.

A question amongst my complaints. Who babysits our kids over night when everyone they know and we trust will be at out wedding?
I'm not too trusting of the whole teenager thing either.


  1. could the boys not buy matching suits for less?
    we're tailoring the menu to make it so i can eat it and its cheaper.
    if you have an oppen bar, stop spirits- if everyone drinks beer and wine it will be loads cheaper for you.
    do you mean your kids or the collective kids of everyone? if its yours see if they can stay at one of their school friends for the night? (in return for a sleepover at yours or a visit to the zoo maybe?)

  2. Suits are ridiculously priced. Just ridiculous. But with 5 groomsmen Mike gets his suit for free. We had to buy the boys ties though because the ones they had were just awful.

    And we're doing the buffet dinner so that everyone can have as much food as they want and not be starving later. It's still $40 a person but I don't want to be hungry later either! haha

    There will NOT be an open bar. Oh my word no lol. They told us it was a minimum of $4000. So yeah...not happening.

    Just our kids will be there. I don't want kids screaming through our ceremony. And they don't know what it means anyway, and I feel uncomfortable with kids being at a reception around a lot of drunk people. So our kids will be going home before then. But Collin had one sleepover at a friends and it went I will have to figure something out.