Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Zoo day!

I am too stressed. I am tired all the time but going to bed around 2. Which doesn't really work with a little one who wakes up at 5. There is no way for me to be conscious at 5 am.

Today though I borrowed a car since it's all icky outside. Vaughn and I dropped Collin at school then went and got some thing for dinner and TOOTHPASTE since we've been using the nastybackup toothpaste for a couple days. I hate how my brain melts and I can forget something like toothpaste every time I walk into Shoppers.

I didn't want to head home even though it was foggy and wet so I called up my Nana ( Sweetheart as Vaughn calls her, so cute! ) and asked her to join us for a zoo trip. We had just enough time to see everything when it started to pour down rain. Vaughn petted a camel then giggled for a pretty long time. He played tag with an otter and talked to the monkeys for half the trip haha. He kept saying " come on mama. Keep going! I see more! Come on! "

Now we're off to pick up Collin!
a mama ostrich and one of her babes
squirrel monkey
Vaughn playing with the otter ( they'll literally follow the kids back and forth they seem to love it too )
standing over the river

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