Friday, March 26, 2010

1,2,3,4...he's five!

Oh my little man is now 5.

How did this happen that Collin became 5!?
This birthday hit me big time. I found myself crying just at the mention of it to anyone...
He was so excited for it. I think this was the first time he actually understood
birthday. He got that this was the day he was born, that it means he's getting bigger and older. And I understood it too...
He was so cute about it. He told me that when he woke up on the 24th he would be bigger ( because five means bigger ) and that his voice would be different. Ha! It was so cute. When he woke up that morning and I said " Wake up Collin. It's your birthday! " he said " It is my birthd....
HEY! My voice is just the same! "
He was less than pleased. I on the other hand, found it cute.

He got dressed in his birthday outfit of his favourite colours with his new birthday tie ( in his favourite colour )
He was most excited by the birthday ribbon I made him to wear that day. He was really thrilled to know that everyone would know it was his birthday.
After school we had family over for ;
dinner, cake
and presents

This was all he'd asked for this year :D

Vaughn got a few things
too so he'd leave Collin's
gifts alone haha

He had a great time. And now my little baby, my first little 5lb 15oz baby is a 5 year old who understands so many things. Who's growing and learning everyday. Who's the best darn 5 year old I ever could have raised myself. I love you Collin.!


  1. awwww I love that he wanted to wear a tie on his birthday and that his fav colour is pink - so cute! Happy birthday to you Collin!
    Oh and I love the cake!

  2. Thanks! I just started this whole baking thing lol

    He loves dressing up it's too cute. I also love that his favourite colour is pink, I hate it so it's not as if he's been influenced. It's just him!