Sunday, March 21, 2010

catch up

I need to play a little catch up here, it's been awhile!

It has been so gorgeous out lately. I've just had to take the kids to the park every single day.
It's too nice out not to be out there.
Also, if we aren't going the second Vaughn wakes up from his nap, a god awful shitstorm of a tantrum ensues. I definitely don't want to spend the beautiful day inside but if he starts screaming at me to go to the park and literally crying for what must be 3/4 of forever, am I supposed to reward him for that and actually go to the park?
On the other hand, am I also supposed to punish Collin who did nothing wrong, and not go to the park?

Oh the trials of having more than one child.

Mike teases me because I am "The Queen of Fair" if one of them gets a cookie, so does the other. If one gets a $5 toy the other one has to get a toy of the same value or something that equals the same. I don't do for one without doing for the other. He thinks I am overly thorough at this. But at my house growing up ( and even now ) there are definitely favourites played. I don't ever want one thinking they don't deserve exactly what the other one deserves or that one means more to me than the other.

Do any of you have techniques for these sort of problems? If one doesn't deserve say a trip to the park because of a tantrum how do you settle that without taking the trip from the child who does deserve it?
( something like a cookie is obviously a lot easier, you're bad= no cookie. Your brother is good= still gets his cookie and you tough it out. )

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  1. i can see myself being 'the queen of fair' also, but... im going to try not to be. id do the cookie thing but not with toys, maybe. i dont know, its confusing. being an only child i cant imagine what it must be like to be like, a 4 year old and someone else gets a toy and not me...? hmm... but the park thing? maybe let Collin go play at the park and tell Vaughn to sit on the bench with you and be quiet? or if you go to the park, when you call at the shops give Collin a toy or an ice cream or something then for being good and tell Vaughn if hes good he gets one next time? two birds one stone? x