Monday, March 22, 2010

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA's only been 3 weeks and Vaughn managed to get a hold of Collin's violin bow this morning and pull all the hair out of it.
It's not even ours it's borrowed from the teacher.
I woke Collin up for school, got his clothes together, walked out to the living room and Vaughn is destroying it. UGH. He has been told he can't touch it ( but he's 2 this is what they do )

From what I see online these things run upwards of $50 some of them into the 4 digits.... God help me, let it be a $50 one. Not that I wanted to waste $50 on replacing the horse hair of a bow we don't own.
Can't I just give a horse a mane trimming and hand it over?

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