Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I wish I could find my camera cord!
" the boys " and I made a book! Mostly Collin helped while Vaughn drew his own little things off to the side lol.
The boys loved it and Collin took it to school today to show his teacher he was so proud! His teacher had him stand up with her in front of the class and they read it to everyone. He was so proud.
Collin usually takes something to class each time he goes to show his teacher lol.
He got his little kindergarten progress report back today and he's doing amazingly. He's such a smart little guy.
Vaughn was home with a cold :( poor dude is losing his voice. He stayed at home laying with his dada today while I went shopping for my wedding jewelry! eek

The wedding is getting so close! Oh my I am SO excited I can't even begin to explain it. Only 148 days away! My Maid of honour and I made my bouquet and it's so original and it's hand made and gorgeous I love it so much! I also love that no one knows what we're using instead of flowers...or even that we aren't using flowers. I can't wait to show everyone.
Although it did cost more than I would have spent on flowers but I can keep it forever.

I am watching the end of The Bachelor and man I am so disappointed in his choice :( but hey...if they're happy good on them. Many of my friends didn't think I would choose Mike and I couldn't imagine my life with anyone else.



  1. im excited to see your bouquet! i saw one last night which was all broaches on wires and it was all sparkly and gorgeous! i dont have a maid of honor, i dont know who, i have a couple of people i could have but... theyre all taller than me! i mean, really alot taller than me - and wouldnt the wedding photos look weird? one, is mega bossy and wouldnt wear what i choose and has soooo much hair i wouldnt know where to start having it pinned back and such- the other, is covered in tattoos, i mean, covered, which, is not a bad thing, i like them, but she wouldnt like standing in front of everyone with them on view, nor would she want her photos taken, another is mums best firends daughter- but i havent been close to her in years (all three tower over me, then theres a fourth, who is only an inch bigger but we recently had a massive falling out and i havent seen her in 6 months or more! finally a girl from work, who is adorable, and we get on, but dont know each other that well... shes my height, and would love to do it... would it be right to choose someone im not that close to , to be my bridesmaid? i wasnt gonna have any, but i'll have a 4 and a half and a 3 year olds running riot otherwise in bridesmaid dresses and a 2 year old ring bearer looking lost...

  2. Well I found it hard too. My best friend died 3 years ago and I didn't want to choose someone else and feel like I was replacing her. It was a tough decision. I did pick a friend who is one of my closest and I love her to pieces.
    I wouldn't worry about picking bridesmaids who are taller than you or not. I think 4/6 of my girls are taller than me lol. Maybe not in my 3 inch heels though! haha

    You still have a lot of time to make that choice too. It's not something you need to do right away. Maybe in a year you'll have a girlfriend who you are really close to and the choice will be easy then. Don't pick someone now that you " might " want because you feel pressured. In a year maybe you will regret your choice?
    Your wedding isn't for 2 years right? I'd say you have plenty of time. I just started planning this past July and it's been enough time for me. I just kind of go with the flow of things. Which doesn't always work for some people.

    and the kids will be older by the time the wedding comes too so maybe they'll be easier to manage! lol